When you join the True Glory Ambassador program and become a TG Beauty, you join a community of enthusiastic True Glory customers who are passionate about spreading the word of how excellent our products are because they wear the hair themselves. Now you can earn free hair and amazing rewards simply by sharing the word about a brand you already know and love!



Easier than you ever imagined. Boost your earning potential.

Becoming a TG Beauty and earning free hair & amazing rewards is quick and easy!


Apply to become a #TGBeauty. The most successful ambassadors have engaged social followings


After joining, we'll text you content directly to your phone to share with your social media followers


You earn points for every post, like, and comment, and those points can be exchanged for free hair and amazing rewards

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn rewards?

After joining, you’ll receive text message notifications every time there’s new content for you to share. Each notification includes a link where you can see the suggested content for that post, and then a section where you can create your post to share on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter profile. You earn points simply for sharing content and your points can be redeemed for free hair and other amazing rewards!

How do I receive rewards?

You can redeem your points for rewards directly within your brand ambassador portal. Rewards are either sent to you electronically as gift cards or mailed to an address of your choosing.

Do I have to pay to join?

No,  becoming a TG Beauty is completely free!

How often can I redeem rewards?

You may redeem rewards as frequently as you like as long as you have enough points.

How can I track my performance?

Once your application is approved we will send you a link to your own Brand Ambassador portal where you can track your performance, points, and redeem rewards.

Are there any additional benefits of becoming a TG Beauty?

Yes! When you become a TG Beauty, you become a part of an amazing  community that embraces, celebrates, and promotes freedom of expression through hair. 

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